timthumbMany people are people lovers; infact they spend thousands of money just to purchase one bottle of perfume. Naturally people are attracted to smell, hence most people like to smell good. You surely heard that smells evoke strong emotional reactions. The smell of vanilla instinctively brings us back to childhood. Of course, not everything in one’s childhood was pleasant. But those vivid memories connected to vanilla like sweet and simple little cake, ice-cream, holidays, innocent pleasure, softness and caring, comforting milky warmth are always invariably positive. Perfume with vanilla fragrance creates a comfort zone for a man and makes a woman using such a perfume look simple, pure, honest and unadulterated in his eyes.

Here are other six facts about perfume that a lady should know.

  1. The first perfume dates back to 2000 years B.C. Place of its birth was ancient Egypt. You will not be surprised to learn that it was called “per fumus” which means “through smoke”. The first perfumes were incense based smelled of spices and herbs, such as coriander and frankincense. The first perfume maker mentioned in the ancient Egyptian records was a woman. Interestingly, 4000 years later, the recipe of ingredients of the first ever perfume was reconstructed by David Pybus. The perfume “Ankh” is a delicate composition of the original blended herbs and resins with citrus notes giving a semblance to original camel grass and calamus, spice notes that truly reflect the original formula, and honey and woody notes blending perfectly to evoke that smoky aroma of burning incense.
  2. 18-hungarywater[1]The first most famous perfume of modern style in Europe was created for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in 1370. It was known as “Hungary Water” and contained nuances of rosemary, thyme, rose, mint, and verbena essence in brandy. At that time, the perfumers started adding alcohol solutions to scented oils, which marked a new era in perfume making. Crabtree & Evelyn is producing “Hungary Water” nowadays according to the original historical recipe updated with a contemporary edge.
  3. The strength of the fragrance will depend on how much high grade alcohol has been added to the perfume oils.

Eau fraiche or “perfumed mist” has the lightest scented oil concentration – around 1%. It is used primarily to refresh face or linen.

Eau de Cologne contains 2%-5% of fragrance oil. Due to its freshness, this type of perfumed water is an absolute “come back” of this summer. Being undeservedly forgotten for decades, Eau de Cologne is being made of modern materials and becomes a trend again. The US based perfumery “Atelier Cologne”, for example, blends traditional for eau de cologne citrus oils with notes of vanilla, rose, vetiver, amber and patchouli.

One of the most popular type of perfumed water is Eau de Toilette with the concentration of essential oils of 4%-10%. It can reach 17%-20% in designer brands.

Eau de Perfum is more concentrated (depending on a brand, 8%-15% or 20%-28%) and is more expansive than Eau de Toilette. It lasts however longer: up to 6 hours, if it is a mainstream Eau de Perfum and up to 48 hours in artistic perfumery.

Pure perfume has the highest scented oils concentration – up to 35%. One has to be careful and not over use it. Just 2-3 small drops on the chest, back of the neck, behind the ears or on the wrists will be enough to let people enjoy your smell, when they approach.

  1. If you go on a date, flirty vanilla and juicy fruits will be the best perfume notes for cuddling and getting close. A lush bouquet of roses at your fragrance’s heart will make you appear mysterious and attractive. This is the best choice for an evening of sedation and who knows where it will bring you…
  2. Chose fresh citrus and fresh green notes during the day at the office. Those scents will give you a dynamic, professional and ready to work image. Try to avoid floral heart notes when you communicate with clients and colleagues. Sweet aromatic floral fragrances have a sensual connotation. This is not what a lady needs to project in her professional environment.
  3. Use Eau de Toilette when you go on a job interview. The concentration of this Eau de Perfume allows leaving a trail as an olfactive memory of you, when you are gone. This will help you stand out against all other candidates.

Olfaction is our primary sense. It is simple though very important to think about fragrance, when you want to build a certain image at work, in public life, with friends or even in a romantic relationship.

Source: http://www.beautyandtips.com/interesting/6-interesting-facts-every-lady-needs-to-know-about-perfume/

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