8 Deadly Effects of Skin Lightening In Women




It is  true that some persons look good when they apply bleaching cream on their skins, but what about the consequences or adverse effects of making use of bleaching cream. There are many dangers associated with bleaching, be it face whitening or the entire skin bleaching. The negative, disadvantages or adverse effects of skin bleaching are:

  • Vulnerability to body infections
  • Stretch marks Exposure
  • Skin weakening
  • Vulnerability to injuries
  • Exposes the Veins
  • Intense Irritation
  • Redness
  • Pigmentation

    Vulnerability to Body Infections

    Bleaching of human skin makes the skin contents to be incomplete. Because of the incompleteness of the major contents that makes the human skin, micro-organisms can enter the human system through the skin. Skin infections can attack the skin easily because of bleaching.

    There are many kinds of sicknesses that the doctors worldwide treat on daily basis in hospitals. Among the causes of some of the sicknesses is the excessive use of skin lightening creams. Some skins have been damaged beyond repair that some are not curable any longer.

    Stretch Marks Exposure

    Stretch marks are marks that appear on the body. The marks show due to excess fattening of the body or obesity. It also occurs during women pregnancies. When this appears on the skin of one who bleaches, it is usually “audible” because of the action of the bleaching. People easily notice stretch marks that are on the body of the person that bleaches when compared with than on the other who do not bleach.

    Skin weakening

    The ingredients used in manufacturing of bleaching products are harmful to human skin. Because of this, they weaken the skin. Many women have lost their lives during surgical operations because of bleaching. The bleaching products they use on their skins makes their skins to tear during the stitching process. When the doctor tries over and over again and got tired, the women lost their lives.

    Vulnerability to injuries

    A bleached body is prone to injuries. When the body is bleached, the skin becomes softer than it was before. Because of this softness, any little object that mistakenly hits on the skin can cause injury to it. Skin bleaching is one of the causes of unemployment among some persons because they continue to look for jobs that will suit their skins and prevent them from sustaining injuries.

    Exposes the Veins

    Beyond any doubt, another effect of skin bleaching/whitening is exposing of the veins in the body. When bleachers look at their body and see something of this nature, they sometimes feel bad. Exposing of the veins make cream bleaching users to look disorganized.

    Intense Irritation

    Some bleaching products irritate. In the other words, there are many skin lightening creams that do not give comfort to the skin. Those who apply them keep on being disturbed mostly during hot weather until they take their bathe. When the person sweats, there is usually reaction between the salt in the sweat and the ingredients in the bleaching products which make the one that applied any of the products uncomfortable.


    No skin is made naturally red, but as a result of skin bleaching, some skins have turned red. The application of bleaching cream on the skin on the long run can result to skin redness.


    Pigmentation simply implies colouring. Long time use of bleaching products can lead to pigmentation increasing to the joints of the fingers, buttocks, toes and even on the ears. The use of such products has made some people’s skin have many patches. Skin pigmentation disorders the colour of human skin. The reason is because bleaching creams/products destroy the melanin in the skin.


    This topic has done justice to skin bleaching or skin whitening as some people named it. The piece centred on skin bleaching ingredients, bleaching creams, causes of bleaching, and the adverse effects of bleaching. These are detailed out to the understanding of the readers. More importantly, the adverse effects of making use of beaching products were stressed.


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