Add value for free, work without pay- Nse Ikpe Etim


Nollywood actress and filmmaker,  Nse Ikpe- Etim has expressed that  sometimes it is fine to add value to a project and delay gratification.

Etim took to her instagram page and posted a picture of herself  wearing a mustard colored sweat shirt and captioned;

It is okay to work for loyalty and not for profit. It is okay to work for the long term, add value and ignore short term benefits. The society might not believe in this but it is the right thing to do. It is actually ok to just sit a while.. and ponder these thoughts.

The joy in adding value to any project is priceless. The genuine smile in the eyes of those who truly will appreciate the work rather than the “gain” you hope to take with you.
Sign up for an internship, join a benefit drive, be part of something charitable without having to gain from it.
It shouldn’t just be about money or short-term benefits, we all should be able to add value for free. It’s PRICELESS. We must learn to delay gratification for the greater good.
Ditch the entitlement spirit. This is not to say if one deserves to get paid you throw the value card.
It is wrong to think of how much money is to be made rather than what value will be added. There will come a paradigm shift.
However, we can be the generation that does the shifting. #coffee#Carluccios #musings #loveandlight#value #tuesdaymotivation #tuesday

This means that profit shouldn’t be your main aim in adding value to oneself and the society, rather think long term when you have to offer or contribute to society.

Posted by Yetunde Adegoke

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