Adidas fights consumer fatigue with small scale influencers


Driven by the insight that a large part of its target audience wants to create their own fame but can’t because they lack the global reach of a brand like Adidas, the company has latched on to a network of low-key network of micro-influencers.

A prime example is Ehsan Abassi, who took part in a series of football events run by Adidas.

He then joined the brand’s micro-influencer network and became a fully-fledged member of its Tango Squad FC football team.

Adidas marketers used data from YouTube to help decide what players to focus on and the frequency of scene changes.

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Conclusions were then used to change direction on the production team’s choices in terms of commissioned content and direction of the season.

Speaking to DigiDay UK, Stephen Cleary, social media manager at Adidas Football Global said that “whether it’s through paid media or on Stories on either Snapchat or Instagram there’s a place for six-second ads to promote your latest product.”

So far, the episodes have garnered 41 million views across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. According to Adidas, 17 million of them were unique viewers.

The company’s YouTube channel has so 1.4 million subscribers so far, which have been acquired over the past 18 months.

Yetunde Adegoke (DigiDay UK)

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