All you need to know about Lizzy Anjorin, Toyin Abraham’s feud


It would seem it is another season for serious celebrity feud as Nollywood actresses Toyin Abraham and Liz Anjorin will not stop hanging on each other’s throats.

The two successful celebrities has since Sunday, September 15, 2019 making headlines with their feuding.

It all started when Anjorin accused Abraham of sponsoring a post against her by a blogger and also disguising as a fan to taint her image. She therefore took to her instagram page to rain insult at Abraham.

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@m_adeoye you dont know me , my followers will never slide into bloggers to damage people , but if you come for us will come for you physically and spiritually.. . Your toyin damaged herslef by talking bad about innocent people ..fian ..una don go dere .you dont know who is praying and and taking care of our spiritual stuff 😂🤣😂. . Using private account to attack people will make you get enemy of no peace till infinity cant use private account to defend your evil act here … . . @gistlover.blog1as them dey chart you dem dey carry your own life chart on wasap group as well .. . You are not evil atall @gistlover.blog1 . your life shall be hacked on this story …before your formal account was hacked this was your convo with @m_adeoye and toyin ……. . I will like to gain more wisdom and patient before talking on this .. . No matter how hard working or good to people you are, that is how they will jubilate if you slump ..Yes I was stopped for a search and according to them,they got an information that a particular Nigerian Actress do peddle drug to Saudi,I just laughed. After searching and nothing was found,the man self was tired and was like Nigerians don't deserve you,why are they hating on their fellows ? . You nailed yourself for jubilating on gistlover and writing bad and horrible comments about the story … . Forgetting the email they used in opening their fake account are already in my hand . . Gistlover, my strive and sweat will never make you know peace plus who ever that behinde it .. . Haaa make I post more evidence ?? . @gistlover.blog1 your end is near,your informant didn't give you full details, I was released, nothing was found on me,no cigret in my blood stream , not talk of alcohol and your sponsors will be disgraced soon.I am way bigger than what you think.. you miserable blog E pain them.. . Before you tag people onijogbon or bad names pray about it …becouse you can carry course on misjudging some good people..

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. Oniro omo ale ..Na only you get fans wey dey look for trouble , why your fans no behave like this last year ?? Upper year , were was this fans when dey use to drag you dirty with egbe gbe ???? . . Make I continue with facts . . Why 99.9 percent of this account you claimed as fans always on private with zero post . Oja ti burst faa.. . God bless my fan for minding their business ,They will only explode when you come for their brand .. . Besides, na some comment expose you that you are behinde the shit ..otafa soke yido bori👎👎 . Chaaaaaaange no fans get time to dey jump up and down for one person …everybody get their own problem.. . If my fans cant get me private jet biko no go look for trouble …but if they come for us ?? Kill them all with everything you have .

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Abraham however, denied the allegations and on Monday, September 16, 2019, took legal actions against Anjorin. She took to her instagram page where she shared a copy of the ‘cease and desist’ notice letter. However, in her usual controversial style, Toyin Abraham called Liz Anjorin a pig, in the caption of the post.

In the letter, ‘Toyin Abraham brought to Liz Anjorin’s notice the post she shared on her Instagram page on Sept 14, 2019, where she accused her of sponsoring an article against her.

“You alleged that security officials at the Saudi airport conducted a search on your person for hard drugs ostensibly acting on a tip-off from our client. The evidence you have against our client is simply because one of her fans with Instagram handle @m_adeoye had a tete-a-tete about you with a blog @gistlover.blog1. You unfathomably assumed the blog belongs to our client, that our client sponsored the article,” the statement reads.

It didn’t end there as Toyin Abraham’s lawyers revealed that Liz Anjorin’s attack on their client has led to some serious and irreparable injuries. It also says that it has exposed Toyin Abraham to hatred, contempt, and ridicule which has made some of her friends to avoid her.

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They finally advised Liz Anjorin to cease and desist from publishing defamatory statements against their client. Delete all aforementioned malicious post and publish a letter of apology to their client.

It also requests Liz Anjorin to forward a letter of apology to Toyin Abraham via their office. Finally, Toyin Abraham’s lawyer said this is the last warning to Liz Anjorin and if she fails to reply in 24 hours, they would be forced to file a N500M damages legal action against her.

Anjorin, not intending to back down, responded to Toyin Abraham calling her a bastard hours after Abraham’s letter was uploaded.

She also took to her instagram page on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, posting a letter from her lawyers, demanding an apology from Abraham for libelous and malicious statements made concerning her.

In a six minutes long interview with Gboah TV, Anjorin alleged that she has no issues with Toyin Abraham other than her inability to curb her fans.

Anjorin said Abraham has grown her social media followers to attack her fellow colleagues and fail to render help when needed.

She also made several allegations on the place of birth of Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajewole’s son claiming the baby was delivered in Nigeria.

Anjorin insisted that she has a pure heart and that was why she has decided to respond to Abraham.

Throughout her response, Anjorin failed to identify her grouse with Abraham but repeatedly referred to her as a bastard.

The actress also alleged that Abraham wrote to the drug law enforcement agency in Nigeria, NDLEA to frisk her when she was traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The President of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr. Latin, has however, intervened by calming both actresses’ fans down.

Mr. Latin’s decision to make clarifications is coming after fans attacked the association with the tales of the two actresses being members.

In his take, Mr. Latin, in an Instagram post on Monday, September 16, 2019, says there is little or nothing TAMPAN can do.

Mr. Latin also insinuated that the actresses aren’t members of the theatre arts association but promised to find a lasting solution to the ongoing feud.

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