Aviation Stakeholders Call for National Airline for Nigeria



The National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies, has emphasised the need for a national airline for the country.

Mr Aminu Agoha, National President of the association said in Lagos that the glory of the country’s defunct national carrier should be revived in order to revitalise the aviation industry.

Revitilisation of the carrier must include the concept of joint ownership by government and corporate bodies and for the business to be run as a public-private enterprise, he said.
He explained that involvement of the private sector in the ownership and operation of the airline would allow for its smooth operation and sustainability.
“Nigeria is a developing country which needs a national carrier for its growth. The national carrier will also develop and enhance the tourist industry in the country.
“The Federal Government should, as a matter of urgency, put up a public-private partnership business to run a national carrier.
“It will promote the country’s aviation industry and ensure easy accessibility of the country by foreigners.
“A lot of packages, including touring round the country, were enjoyed by Nigerians when the national carrier was in operation.
“I can remember back then as a student, I enjoyed the student fare to London during summer; it enabled you to pay lower rates,” Agoha said.
He said that adequate funding should be made available for effective take-off and sustenance of the carrier, adding that professionals must be employed to run the business.
“Government will have to be unbiased with the management of the national carrier when established so that there would be no problem of funding.
“Professionals and qualified hands should be employed to ensure continuity and smoothness in operations,’’ he stated.
According to Agoha, Nigeria must be at equal pace with other developing countries in the development of its aviation sector.


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