By Nnanke Harry Willie

It is now clear to every discerning mind that the cease-fire dummy was sold to Nigerian Authorities so as stop the advance our military was making to putting a death-knell on Boko Haram for good as well as to make us let down our guards. But who sold us the dummy?

However, looking back, were we not rather hasty in stopping our offensive? A lot of Nigerians have been embarrassed and appalled by our soldiers fleeing from ‘rampaging’ Boko Haram terrorists but many do not remember that our Chief of Defense staff , Air Vice Marshal Alex Barde, publicly ordered our soldiers to cease further assaults and hostilities even when discussions were at the infancy of the phantom cease-fire talks. Did any Nigerian hear any public announcement that the war had recommenced until tens of towns and villages had been seized by Boko Haram? This is surely a rude joke. First, we were given excuses for not going to rout the rascals from Sambisa forest. Now, our soldiers are running away from a rag tag group brandishing our very weapons that were ‘donated’ to them by fleeing soldiers and commanders and giving up even more of our weapons, including Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs).Apparently now that hitherto unavailable ‘superior’ weapons have been provided, our soldiers have suddenly lost their balls!

What could be going on? Is it a case of naivety on the part of our security professionals? Is it cowardice of our men or an intentional strategic flaw promoted and executed by well entrenched fifth columnists in government, the military and/or foreign governments? Who wrote this script, who is directing; who is producing,,,? This is too bad to be real…but I know that some day soon, this too shall pass!

Do Kindly let us have your take on these posers…


Who wants Nigeria dismembered so badly?

Who is helping them?

What should we do?

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