Buhari Urged to Focus on Electricity, Security, Job Creation



As Nigerians continue to celebrate the peaceful conclusion of the presidential election, a survey has revealed ‘electricity’ as the top economic issue Nigerians want the incoming administration of Major General Muhammadu Buhari to focus on, Thisday reports.

The poll commissioned by BusinessDay Media and conducted by NOIPolls Limited showed this was the opinion of majority (68 per cent) of adult Nigerians surveyed. Other issues which Nigerians want the government to address in the next six months in order of priority, according to the poll, include security (58 per cent), job creation (55 per cent), roads (49 per cent), education (42 per cent), health care (31 per cent), agriculture/food security (29 per cent), potable water (26 per cent), transportation (24 per cent), and corruption with 21 per cent.

Furthermore, it noted that poor electricity supply was identified as the most critical factor impeding growth of Nigerian businesses. Consequently, more than six in 10 Nigerians (63 per cent) were of the opinion that the federal government should be responsible for creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive in the country.

“It is imperative that the economic team focuses its attention on addressing these key issues that have been identified by Nigerians. To this effect, great consideration should be given to the engagement of top class professionals and experts in the sectors concerned, to articulate and implement strategies to tackle these issues which have long affected the Nigerian economy and the general wellbeing of Nigerians,” it added.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation, with a  gross domestic product (GDP) of $522.64 billion from oil and non-oil sectors. Nigeria is rich in natural and human resources, to mention a few, it has the sixth largest gas reserves and the eighth largest crude oil reserves in the world. It is also endowed with about 37 solid mineral types and given this status; Nigeria’s economy is recognised to have great potential.

“The North-west zone has the highest number (82 per cent) of respondents who indicated electricity as the top most important economic issues the government should address in six months. The North-east zone has the largest ratio (73 per cent) of respondents who stated security, the South-south zone has the largest number (63 per cent) who indicated job creation, while the South-east zone has the highest proportion (54 per cent) who pointed ‘roads’ as the most important economic issues the government should address within the next six months,” it added.

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