Buhari’s Health: North Express Worry That Yorubas May Reclaim Power



According to Nigerian bulletin, Reports are flying that Northern leaders who had hitherto supported Buhari may be making a U-turn in the February elections after reports that the general may be having a serious health problem.

This is following the online rumors that Buhari collapsed during his presidential campaign rally in Calabar.

Even though the APC denied the report, it has given cause for worry, and the North has become wary, after they were ‘sidelined’ after Yar’Adua died in May, 2010 before completing his tenure, a development which led to the abrupt shift of power to the South-South under the rulership of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

“The North is beginning to rethink the promised support for Buhari in view of reports that he is suffering from a certain ailment which is believed to be wearing him down. There are also reports that the elders are pushing to cut a deal with Jonathan to complete his tenure in 2019 but extract a promise that power would be returned to the North via a younger and energetic Northerner,” a source said.

“If anything happens to Buhari, power will return to the South-West less than a decade after President Obasanjo left Aso Rock. The prospects are grim, both for the North and even the South-East that is queuing for their own turn,” another Northern top personality is reported as saying.

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