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BRAND NUGGETS by Johann Rupert

As you start out in life, it is important that you know at least something about everything, but as you get older it is important that you know everything about something. – Johann Rupert, Africa's…

BRAND NUGGETS by Hakeem Belo- Osagie

In today’s world, paradoxically, it is the boldest action that is often the safest. Remaining where you are in a world that is changing so rapidly is in fact the most dangerous of all places to be in…

BRAND NUGGETS by Folorunsho Alakija

It’s essential to draw up a “things to do” list on a daily basis and set priorities in executing them, making sure that any unfinished task get posted to the next day’s list – Folorunsho Alakija,…

BRAND NUGGETS by Strive Masiyiwa

Whether you're a farmer, builder or engineer, the opportunities are equal: Just add a little‪ innovation – Strive Masiyiwa, Zimbabwean billionaire and founder of Econet Wireless.

BRAND NUGGETS by Stephen Saad

In Life, you don’t get anywhere or do anything you hope to without some sort of sacrifice- Stephen Saad, South African billionaire and CEO of Aspen Pharmacare.