Cervical Cancer Kills at least 26 Nigerian Women Daily- Health Expert



No less than 26 Nigerian women die daily as a result of cervical cancer, it has been revealed.
This unnerving information was made know by a Radiologist, Prof. Ifeoma Okoye, in Lagos on Saturday at the inauguration of a School-Based Cervical Cancer Vaccination Awareness Initiative.
She said that cervical cancer was killing more people worldwide than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria put together.

She said: “We conducted a survey and discovered that cervical cancer is the second killer cancer among women and Nigeria is also the tenth in cervical cancer death worldwide.
“Forty-eight million women are at risk: 17,550 women are diagnosed yearly, 9,659 women die annually and 26 women on daily basis in Nigeria.
“This is alarming and most of the cases are rampant in the developing countries like Nigeria.
“It, therefore, requires a proactive political commitment to fight the scourge.”

Okoye said that cervical cancer was 99 per cent preventable and prevention was necessary for the reduction and control of cancer burden in the country.
The radiologist then urged government at all levels to improve and strengthen the healthcare system in terms of funding, infrastructure upgrade and training of medical personnel.
She also urged Nigerians to imbibe regular health check to prevent late detection of cancer cases and cancer mortality.
Dear women, please do a routine check from time to time. There is a cancer center at No 118 Bode-Thomas in Surulere, Lagos and its free (just 500 for registration) on Fridays. Health is wealth people, be safe.

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