Coca-Cola Life launches as Coke steps up public health message


Coca-Cola Life, the brand’s new lower-calorie drink, has rolled out to stores, with its UK and Ireland boss saying the product proves Coke’s commitment to tackling the “challenge of obesity”.

COKECoca-Cola Life is a lower-calorie cola sweetened with a blend of sugar and Stevia, offering a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than red Coke.

The firm has been trialing the green-labelled product in Argentina and Chile. Its introduction to the UK marks the first new Coca-Colavariant in the market since the launch of Coke Zero eight years ago.

A marketing campaign announcing the product’s arrival is expected in the coming months.

Jon Woods, general manager, Coca-Cola UK and Ireland, said the new variant forms part of Coke’s wider £20m investment in anti-obesity projects. Woods argued the introduction of Coke Life will allow consumers choose a Coke drink which “best suits their lifestyle”.

He added: “We recognize that many people want to reduce the sugar and calorie content of the drinks they enjoy, while still enjoying the taste. Over recent years we have innovated to reduce the calories in Sprite, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Lilt and Oasis, alongside providing a zero calorie version of every main brand in our portfolio.

“We are committed to working with others across society to promote well-being and help address the public health challenge of obesity. As part of these efforts, we’ve taken steps to provide consumers with more drink choices, including lower calorie drinks and smaller pack sizes as well as a significant investment to support programmes to help people become more physically active.”

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