Coke kicks off ‘big year’ with healthy-living World Cup message



COKECoca-Cola is planning to use its sponsorship of the World Cup to push its global sustainability campaign, encouraging consumers to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

The brand last week brought its World Cup trophy tour to the UK, with the trophy shown in London at an event attended by Liverpool and England striker Daniel Sturridge and retired French World Cup-winner Christian Karembeu.

Speaking to Marketing at the event, Coca-Cola’s GB and Ireland marketing activation director Brid Drohan-Stewart said: “It’s the kick-off of a very big year for us, and the trophy tour is the first of a big plan for GB.

“The brand is embedded in optimism, specialness and happiness – that’s the DNA of the Coca-Cola brand, and you can see from the buzz today that that’s what the trophy tour does. It taps into the ‘goosebump’ feeling that only the World Cup brings.”

She added that Coke is gearing up for a bigger “conversation” with consumers around its “Movement is Happiness” global sustainability programme.

Drohan-Stewart said: “Getting people moving in life is a really important part of our marketing campaigns going forward, and we’ve committed globally to getting more teenagers and young people active.

“As we go through the year you’ll see this conversation all about active lifestyles, and football is a really great way of doing that.”

Article Written by: Alex Brownsell and Joel Fothergill

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