Derby Defeat: Should Ronaldo Have Canceled His Birthday Celebrations?


Losing a derby is one of the worst feelings a football fan can ever have, and losing it with a wide margin makes it more humiliating. Cristiano Ronaldo turned 30 on Thursday 5th of February but he arranged his birthday celebrations for the weekend.

Real Madrid however lost their derby match scandalously (4-0) to Atletico Madrid on Saturday night but Cristiano Ronaldo decided to go on with his birthday celebrations with his team mates.

This infuriated some Real Madrid fans who showed their frustration at the team’s training ground on Monday afternoon holding up banner with the inscription, “Your laughs, our shame.”

The fans were not only annoyed at the defeat but more at how some of the squad partied afterwards.

It was also gathered that the occurrence annoyed the club president, Florentino Perez who was also at the training ground to demand answers from his manager and his expensive players.

It was Ronaldo’s birthday week but his team lost to their fiercest rivals. Should he have canceled the planned celebrations?

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