EBOLA AT THE PENTAGON?… AS Employee Is Rushed to Hospital


pentagonA confidential source within the Pentagon has just reported that a woman described only as “a Pentagon Employee,” was observed this morning by Pentagon security vomiting on a shuttle bus in the South parking lot. She was also exhibiting other Ebola-like symptoms, not being disclosed at this time.

The Arlington County Fire Department responded to the incident with their Hazmat Team.

The woman, who reportedly recently traveled to Liberia, was initially taken to Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va. However, the facility is apparently not equipped to handle such a case, and the patient was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Va., where she remains in isolation

Vehicular traffic has been stopped across 17 lanes in the South Parking lot, and the Corridor Two Entrance remains closed at this time, according to Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Tom Crosson.

“Around 9:10 a.m., a woman began vomiting in the Pentagon parking lot while on a bus tour, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson. The woman indicated she has recently traveled to Africa.”

Of course, in addition to active duty troops, President Obama recently announced his plan to send National Guard Units from around the country, to the Ebola stricken nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.


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