Facebook Offering Users £118 To Test New App




Facebook is offering $200 (£118) to people willing to test out its new photo-messaging app Slingshot.

The social network says participants will have to devote “about 1-2 hours per week” to the study over a three-month period.

The role is likely to involve giving feedback and opinions on using the app, and testing functionality.

Facebook was recently in hot water after experimenting on its users without their knowledge and without payment. This time it is getting out its chequebook.

People interested in taking part have the opportunity to fill out a survey on the company’s Slingshot blog.

In it, people are asked how often they send photos and videos, how many people they communicate with on average, and what other social apps they use.

Slingshot was launched in June as a rival to the popular app Snapchat, in which users send and receive self-deleting images which disappear after a few seconds.

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm offered $3bn (£1.8bn) for Snapchat late last year, but was turned down.

Facebook attempted to take on Snapchat directly in December 2012 with an app called Poke.

However, it was not as popular and was removed from the app store in May.

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