‘Fake’ Morocco Call: APC charge Jonathan to tender Apology to Nigerians



The All Progressives Congress, APC has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to apologize for lying about having a phone conversation with the King of Morocco.

According to VANGUARD, a statement issued by APC this afternoon read; ”In our earlier statement on the issue, we gave President Jonathan the benefit of the doubt by asking him to clarify what happened, just as the Moroccan King has done. Instead, a loquacious spokesman for the President decided to abuse us instead of addressing the issues. That tells us that, indeed, these people have something to hide over the phoney phone conversation”.

”Whereas Morocco was unequivocal in denying that its King had any phone conversation with President Jonathan, saying ‘Morocco is surprised at the incredible twist given by Nigeria to an alleged phone conversation that never took place between HM King Mohammed VI and Nigerian President’, the Nigerian presidency has been less forthcoming, instead opting to engage in shadow-chasing,” APC said.

”Because of this unnecessary controversy over a phone discussion, Nigerians have now been branded liars. This is very serious, considering Nigeria’s standing in Africa. We therefore expect that any serious administration would not have hesitated to come clean on what really transpired, instead of dissipating its energy on abuses”

”In the true tradition of the Jonathan Administration to ignore the message and attack the messenger, those who should bury their heads in shame for dragging their nation to the realm of the abyss simply engaged in their usual pastime. It is indeed those who have disgraced Nigeria locally and internationally that lack patriotism. The incompetent and clueless presidency has now further transformed to a lying presidency.

”It is now clear that the legendary cluelessness and incompetence of the Jonathan Administration did not end with the mess they have made of running the country, but also extends to their ineptitude in international diplomacy. Nigerians who are tired of this do-nothing administration have been handed another reason to vote it out on March 28th”, the APC added.



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