Falana Demands Repealing Of Sections Of National Health Act



Fiery Lagos based lawyer, Femi Falana, wants the National Assembly to repeal sections 48 and 51 of the new National Health Act without further delay.

Mr Falana, at a press briefing, said that the new Act now gives the authorisation to remove body organs of living persons without their informed consent.

He alleged that the sections 48 and 51 were introduced into the bill due to pressures from an influential foundation based in the United States.

The new National Health Act, recently signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, is aimed at improving the standard of Medicare in Nigeria, but the lawyer wants the lawmakers to address a particular clause he said was not in the interest of the patient.

“The way they have framed it you may not know. When it said nobody can do it except in cases of emergency or medical examination. There is nobody that goes to the hospital without a medical examination. Before you are treated, they will examine you first. That is why this law cannot stand.

“In western countries, you cannot even strike a dog not to talk of a human being. You can’t take your knife and cut an animal. That is animal cruelty and it is a terrible offence  not to talk of human being.

“They want to go around the world in primitive societies or where people are not conscious and experiment,” Mr Falana said.

He said a doctor told him that the people that pushed for the clause to be added in the Act intended to establish “about 260 hospitals in Nigeria where they would carry out the experiments of killing people”.


Source: Channels Television

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