For some time now, there has been some controversy going on as to whether INEC should postpone the February 14 elections or not. Those agitating for the postponement of the elections, have argued based on the fact that many Nigerians have not collected their Permanent Voters’ Card, but should this really be an issue? I believe INEC has had enough time to prepare for the elections and the electorates have also been afforded enough time to collect their PVCs but some chose not to do so probably because they are not interested or feeling reluctant to exercise their franchise, or they may be too busy to go through the process of PVC collection.

A lot of things in the country have already been put on hold because of the upcoming elections. An example is the Batch A NYSC which was supposed to be in February but has been shifted to May in anticipation of the elections and so postponing the elections will only lead to more delays. There is still enough time between now and the time of the elections for those who have not collected their PVCs to go and do so. INEC has given those who are yet to collect their PVCs from now till February 8 to go and collect it in their various Local Governments Areas. If INEC wants all Nigerians to participate in the upcoming elections, then those who still would not be able to collect their PVCs by February 8, should be allowed to use their Temporary Voter’s Cards.

I think the February 14 elections should go on as scheduled. Nigerians need to get this over and done with. That way, we will show the International community that we are capable. Postponing the elections, as Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed of APC said, “would damage the nation’s reputation in the comity of nations.”

What is your take on this? Should the February 14 elections be postponed?

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