FG to grant Nigerians free internet access—Shittu


The Minister of Communications, Dr. Adebayo Shittu has disclosed that the Federal Government has put plans in place to provide free internet access for Nigerians in strategic locations within the country.

Shittu, in his latest tweets, said: ‘We are currently working on the provision of free internet access by Public Internet Access Providers (PIAPs) in strategic locations to help more Nigerians connect to the internet in pursuit of social and developmental objectives for a return on investment (ROI) through advertisement’.

He noted that it is disappointing to know that over four billion people still remain unconnected to the internet despite the web being a key enabler of the 4th industrial revolution.

He further expressed optimism that the Federal Government can achieve 70% broadband penetration milestone in the next five years after hitting 33% in the penetration as at February, 2019.


Oyedeyi Samson

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