Floyd Mayweather Set To Relinquish All His Titles

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Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has revealed plans to relinquish all his titles.

Mayweather Jr. had beaten Manny Pacquiao in what was dubbed the fight of the century, pushing his record to 48-0 and solidifying his place as one of the greatest ever.

Mayweather Jr., who has only one more fight before he retires, has revealed he will drop all his titles so the younger boxers can compete for it.

“I don’t know if it’s Monday, maybe in a couple of weeks,” he said after the fight with Pacquiao. “I’ll speak to my team and see what we decide. “I’m not greedy. The other guys need a chance. It is time they fight for the belts. It is about giving the younger guys an opportunity.”

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather productions, added: “Floyd has been in the sport 20 years and has accomplished everything in the sport. “What else can he accomplish? There are younger guys up and coming and they’ll get an opportunity.”

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