Should GEJ Have Suspended His Second Term Declaration Because of Yobe Bombing


jonathan By Amaka Akachukwu

Many have described the decision by President Goodluck Jonathan to declare his second term ambition a day after almost 50 students were killed and about 80 injured in a suicide bombing in Potiskum as callous.

They labelled him as utterly insensitive and absolutely callous because he went ahead to officially declare his intentions to run as president in a second term.

Almost 50 students were killed and about 80 injured in a suicide bombing in Potiskum, and the president was accused of dancing on the graves of the students as well as of all the victims of the Boko Haram insurgency.

In a statement issued by the APC National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, he said “Since this president has chosen to celebrate a national tragedy, Nigerians should also be ready to celebrate his electoral failure next year.

Looking st the current situation at hand,  the three North-east states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe are in danger of being overrun by Boko Haram and over 650,000 Nigerians are internally displaced in those states by the insurgency.

Yet, President Jonathan says he puts Nigerians first. Lies have never worn a bolder face. The truth is that for President Jonathan, it is Jonathan first, Jonathan second, Jonathan third, Jonathan always!” it said.

APC said by his latest act of blatant hardheartedness, President Jonathan is only continuing along his well-trodden path of acting without deep introspection.

It would also be recalled that in April this year, over 300 secondary school girls were kidnapped and he was heavily criticized over his campaign in Kano which took place less than 24 hours after the girls were abducted.

In the same April, less than 48 hours after the abduction of the girls, there was a bomb blast in Nyanya Abuja and once again Goodluck Jonathan came under fire for his insensitivity for going ahead to rally for his presidential campaign in Kano state. It was said that the President Jonathan went dancing ‘Azonto’ in Kano less than 48 hours after the blast and when almost 300 girls were freshly abducted in Chibok.

He has been accused of being insensitive and callous for still going ahead to declare his intentions despite the bomb blast by the insurgents.

Looking at it objectively, one can only but wonder how convenient is it to say that this blast came a day just before the president declared his intentions for a second term?.  How is that the abduction of the school girls and the Nyanya bomb blast came less than 48 hours just before the President made his announcement to go to Kano for his campaign rally?

It all seems too real just to be a coincidence; it looks like a clear cut situation in which some people are trying by all means to frustrate President Goodluck’s tenure. GEJ’s dispensation can be said as one of the most trying any president has ever faced and these people don’t seem like they are ready to stop not until he is seen out of power.

In my opinion, I don’t think it was insensitive and callous of his declaring his ambition less than 24 hours after the bomb blast.

Poser: Do you think President Goodluck should have cancelled his declaration for a second term because of the Yobe bomb blast?

Do you think his actions and the way he handled the situations will affect his chances in the 2015 elections?


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