Gokada achieves almost 100% safety record

Gokada Riders

Gokada, said it has achieved 99.8 per cent safety record since it officially commenced operations in 2018, which translates to 0.02 per cent incident rate per ride.

The motorbike hailing service’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Ayodeji Adewunmi, said the firm remained committed to promoting safety, fast and efficient transport as well as helping passengers to reach their destination with ease.

“Before now, commercial motorcycles were believed to have been responsible for about 69 per cent of the road accidents in Lagos. We were committed to reversing this ugly trend by prioritising the safety of our pilots and thousands of customers who ride our bikes.

“In pursuit of this goal, we trained our drivers, expanded their capacity for defensive driving and put in place the mechanism to comprehensively track every ride for any incident. While all our customers are assured of safety, we still have a structure in place that allows rapid medical response in the unlikely event of an accident. However, our ultimate objective is to achieve a zero-incident milestone across our operations,” he said.

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Adewunmi said the firm would continue on safe, fast and efficient intra-city service, focusing on changing the face of transportation in the country by leveraging technology to connect users to the nearest motorbikes within their locations and helping them reach their destinations quicker without the inhibition of traffic jam.

He explained that the safety milestone was recorded across nearly two million rides via the platforms.

According to the Gokada’s Emergency Response Officer, Mr Tola Bakare, the firm constantly monitors all its riders’ trips to ensure that in the event of an unlikely incident, the first responders will be at the scene to provide emergency attention to the victim.

“These responders are adequately trained for this purpose,” he said.

Yetunde Adegoke

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