Great Brands IconGolden Penny LogoThat Nigeria is a blessed nation-brand is crystal for everyone to see. But The beautiful part of the Nigerian story cannot be complete without the brand stories of a select few individuals and organizations that are champion brands whose aggregate value have made Nigeria Africa’s largest economy and the world’s 26th most important for investors.

Often times, people make the mistake of alluding Nigeria’s potential greatness to its natural resources and its huge population. But land, minerals and numbers count for nothing unless astutely gifted individuals and organizations properly harness, manage and appropriate the benefits of Nigeria’s assets to its teeming citizens and the rest of the world.

As Brand Nigeria marks its centenary, BRANDPOWER begins a new series to show-case the individual, corporate and institutional brands that have, despite great challenges, made positive contributions, worth celebrating, towards the progress, growth and prosperity of Nigeria

We begin this series with a special feature on the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and Golden Penny Pasta made by Golden Penny Plc. Thiers are two dizzyingly remarkable stories.


From the creation of mankind, good food has a necessity. There was a time when we could simply go our farms or gardens nearby and pluck or harvest our staples to cook and eat. This proposition is however not possible in modern life. It is no exception in Nigeria. The modern home requires well prepared, properly packaged staple foods that will provide key nutrients and nourishment to keep the family healthy and fit enough to carry out daily tasks and be on top of each and every activity. Nigeria has long found in Golden Penny Pasta a great and reliable brand that the good people of Nigeria rely on for good feeding.


Golden Penny Pasta has been delighting families in Nigeria for over two decades by providing tasty, nutritious and affordable pasta variants made with the best quality ingredients; this has led to Golden Penny Spaghetti receiving the African Quality Achievement Award 2014 endorsed by the Standards Organization of Nigeria, Africa Quality Institute, Ghana Standards Authority, Rwanda Bureau of Standards, Kenya Bureau of Standards, The South African Quality Institute and other quality assurance organisations.

Golden Pasta, a Division of Flour Mills Nigeria PLC launched the Golden Penny Pasta Brand about two decades ago in Apapa with the Iganmu manufacturing plant commissioned in 2003 and barely a decade after, the second plant became operational in Agbara in 2012. The Golden Pasta Agbara plant has installed the highest production capacity line of short pasta in the world, capable of producing about 6200 kg/hour.



The integration of the mother factory Golden Pasta Iganmu in 2011 into the Flour Mills Family was a strategic move undertaken to strengthen, synergize and broaden the ability to respond to growth trajectory of the Group as well as to meet the increasing market demand of the Nation.

Golden Pasta aims at achieving World Class Manufacturing and with the full support and absolute commitment of the top management which provides required resources and exemplary leadership; and through gradual process of enlightenment of the workforce and a follow-up of agreed actions, Golden Pasta was able to put in place a Quality Management System that meets the requirement of NIS ISO 9001:2008 standard.

ISO 9001:2008 is widely acclaimed as a customer oriented certification imbuing the confidence of consumers through known improved and superior operational, financial and market performance of certified BrandsGolden Penny Spaghelti


Golden Pasta is now more than ever positioned and committed to the manufacture and sale of superior quality pasta products that satisfy our customers, consumers and meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Golden Penny Pasta Brand has recorded tremendous growth and remarkable success through its total commitment to delivering quality products and enhancing customer satisfaction thus making it the leading pasta brand in Nigeria and now in Africa.

Golden Penny Pasta is sold in all geographic markets across Nigeria and the West African Hub. They are affordable and available in all marts, supermarket, shops and markets around you!

At Golden Pasta Company, quality permeates every aspect of our operations, starting from the raw materials to the end products sold to customers. Our focus is to create an unforgettable meal experience for families and everyone.


Golden Penny Pasta variants are easy and quick to prepare takes just 10 minutes to cook. It is light, non –sticky, rich in protein, high in Fiber, vitamin fortified and has no cholesterol, can be enjoyed at any time of the day and in so many ways; they can be relished when cooked as plain with sauce, fried with vegetables, as Jollof, or as fillings for salads



Golden Penny Spaghetti is a Long, Thin, Dried Cylindrical Pasta Made from Durum, it is very tasty does not get soggy and is enjoyed as Plain, Jollof or Fried; with or without Vegetables and cooks in Ten Minutes(Available in 500gms and 250gms)


Golden Penny Macaroni, made from Durum, is elbow shaped, small in size and has a hollow that makes it very enjoyable either Plain, Jollof or Fried with vegetables, or in Salads, Cooks in Ten Minutes(Available in 500gms and 200gms)

Macaroni Large:

Golden Penny Macaroni Large made from Durum is elbow shaped, larger in size and has a hollow that makes it very enjoyable either Plain, Jollof or as Fried with vegetables, Cooks in Ten Minutes(Available in 500gms)


Golden Penny Twist made from Durum is like a Twist it has a hollow that makes it very enjoyable either Plain, Jollof or as Fried with vegetables, Cooks in Ten Minutes(Available in 500gms and 200gms)

Golden Penny Piccolini Penne:

Is Short and small and has a hollow that makes it very enjoyable either Plain with Stew, Jollof or Fried with vegetables and Cooks in Ten Minutes (Available in 500gms)

Other variants include Golden Penny Bambini, Golden Penny Spaghetini, Golden Penny Bucatini, Golden Penny Eliche, Golden Penny Fideo, Golden Penny Rings, Golden Penny Pasta Rice and Golden Penny Couscous.


The distinctive excellence for us is to deliver the Brand’s promise of Quality, Prompt Delivery, Affordability and Convenience to make us the family choice in menus hence our pay off of Golden Penny Pasta…My family’s choice.

For Keeping Nigeria (and Africa) well fed and well nourished, Golden Penny Pasta is, proudly, a great brand of Nigeria!

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