Google, Facebook, Twitter to tackle fake news ahead of European Parliament elections


According to the European Commission’s latest reports, Google, Facebook and Twitter have not progressed in some areas as regards fighting fake news. The Commission on Tuesday, has however said the tech giant and social media/networking companies have to do more to tackle fake news ahead of key European Parliament elections next month.

The monthly reports follow a pledge made by the tech giants and advertising trade bodies in October 2018, to combat the spread of fake news and avoid more heavy-handed regulations.

The EU has warned of foreign interference during campaigning for the European Parliament elections and national elections in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine in recent and coming months.

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“Further technical improvements as well as sharing of methodology and data sets for fake accounts are necessary to allow third-party experts, fact-checkers and researchers to carry out independent evaluation,” the EU executive said.

Reuters reports that the Commission also said Google had made insufficient progress in defining issue-based advertising. The report covered actions taken by the companies in March.

It said Facebook, which took down eight coordinated inauthentic behavior networks originating in North Macedonia, Kosovo and Russia, failed to disclose whether these affected EU users.

Twitter also fell short because it did not provide details on its measures against spam and fake accounts and also did not report on any action to improve the scrutiny of ad placements.

Yetunde Adegoke

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