Hollandia Evap Milk Inspire Consumers in New Communication Campaign


One of Nigeria’s leading evaporated milk brands, Hollandia Evap Milk, has launched a new marketing communication campaign which aimed at inspiring and enabling consumers to achieve their daily goals. The campaign strengthens the milk brand’s position as the all-rounder evaporated milk and positions it as the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of breakfast meals, foods and drinks, such as cereals, custard, pancakes, smoothies, tea, coffee, and chocolate beverages.

The campaign which is tagged “Start Your Day Right with Hollandia Evap” will be executed on TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Digital media platforms. The TVC showcases the life of celebrity mum and goal-oriented actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, and other mums during their daily morning routine of preparing nourishing breakfast meals with Hollandia Evap Milk for their families, it highlights the satisfaction they derive from choosing the Hollandia Evap Milk brand to achieve their goal of keeping their families healthy, well-nourished and prepared for the long day ahead. The commercial closes with Mercy Johnson-Okojie endorsing Hollandia Evap Milk as the ideal evaporated milk brand that helps consumers start their day right.

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The campaign tends to celebrate women, wives, mothers, fathers, and other care givers, for their role of taking care of and providing for their families, and acknowledges their aspirations to achieve success on multiple fronts.

The Managing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, while speaking at the launch of the new campaign disclosed that “the new Hollandia Evap Milk communication embodies the company’s goal of inspiring consumers to make the right decisions daily to live healthy and happy lives. We want our messaging to resonate with consumers who are desirous of using a wholesome, nutritious, and tasty milk to complement their breakfast or other meals. We are confident that the new commercial would enable consumers to aspire for success by starting their day right with Hollandia Evap Milk.”

Hollandia Evap is a creamy and tasty evaporated milk brand which is produced in hygienic aseptic packaging. It has the nutritious goodness of milk and is fortified with vitamins, nutrients and calcium. It serves as a delicious, appetizing and nourishing complement to your breakfast meals to get you ready for the day ahead. And it can be used with any other meals throughout the day.

Considered as the benchmark of quality and taste in the evaporated milk category, Hollandia Evap Milk is available in 60g, 120g, and 190g pack sizes. Hollandia Evap Milk can be purchased at CHI Shoppes, departmental stores, neighborhood kiosks, markets and supermarkets across Nigeria.


Juliet Ekwebelam

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