How I Escaped From Sambisa Forest – Abducted Student



In this chat with Punch, the girl above, one of the Chibok students that was abducted but later escaped into the forest narrates her ordeal.

What is your name?

Godiya Simon

How did you escape from Sambisa Forest?
After we were abducted and made to go through the forest, we were kept in an open place in the forest. The place we were kept was not just right and I felt that these people might kill us. We heard many bad things about them. I then began to plan how to escape. I told them that I wanted to urinate which they said no to, but after I kept repeating it, they allowed me to go along with three others. That was the time we escaped from the camp.

How did you know it was the Sambisa Forest they took you to?
From their discussion, we heard them?

Do you know the way to Sambisa?
No, I do not think I will know, you know we travelled at night. When we went to urinate, we started running. We were too scared, we just kept running, believing that with God on our side, we would get help.

Did the help later come?
Yes it did, after a long way from the forest we met a Fulani herdsman who assisted us out of the bush and onto the main road where we found vehicles back to Chibok.

What brought you to Maiduguri today?
We were told to come in order to watch a video which was said to have been released by Boko Haram so that we can tell them if the girls in the video are from our school.

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