Issa Hayatou calls for a reformed FIFA


HayatouFootball deserves “nothing less” than a rebuilt and fully accountable Fifa, says acting president Issa Hayatou.

World football’s governing body has been engulfed by claims of widespread corruption since summer 2015.

As a result of criminal and internal investigations new reform measures were approved by Fifa in December.

“There may be more challenges, and it will take time for the reforms to take effect. Our resolve to rebuild Fifa for the better remains steadfast,” he said.

“The hundreds of millions of fans, players, coaches and others dedicated to football around the world deserve nothing less from those of us with the incredible responsibility and privilege of governing and guiding global football.”

According to BBC, in the open letter published on Friday, key points of how Fifa would be reformed were outlined as follows:

• A clear separation of powers between the political side of global football and the day-to-day financial and business operations of Fifa. All financial transactions will be monitored by a fully independent body.

• Member associations must mirror the above structure and comply with principles of good governance. They will also be accountable for the conduct of their entire team and any third parties that they work with.

• Strict term limits for senior positions within Fifa of three four-year terms will ensure that no single person can wield too much power or influence.

• To promote the full participation of women at all levels of football governance, including a minimum of one female representative from each region in the new Fifa council.

• Central integrity checks by an independent body for all appointments to Fifa bodies and senior management.


Posted by Janice Johnson

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