Jonathan To Politicians: “History Will Not Judge Us Kindly If This Country Fails”


GoodLuck Jonathan(1)

President Goodluck Jonathan has urged politicians regardless of party affiliations to join hands in sustaining democracy in Nigeria.

The president who made the call at a summit of all political parties held at the International Conference Center, Abuja on Thursday said history will not forgive the political class if the country fails.

“We must reinforce and recommit our various supporters across the nation to the Nigerian project irrespective of party affiliation, ideological differences and alliances. History will not judge us kindly if this country fails as a result of our actions and inactions.

“Let us bear in mind that no advantage or benefit can be gained by any political party over the other if our democracy fails. We have no choice but to work together and the time is now.”

Reviewing the nation’s political outlook, Mr. Jonathan said he noted with regrets the comments and conducts of leading politicians, stating that they were heightening the tensions. He said collaboration among the various political parties have been less than salutary.

“Dear compatriots, the current national political outlook with regards to inter-party collaboration is less than salutary. Indeed, the conduct and utterances of leading politicians at home and abroad are rapidly creating and spreading unnecessary tension in the country,” he said

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