Just In: Senate confirms Onnoghen as Chief Justice of Nigeria


Justice Walter Onnoghen has been unanimously confirmed Nigeria’s chief justice after some one hour of grilling by the Nigerian Senate.

His name was forwarded for screening by Acting President Osinbajo two weeks ago.

The confirmation hearing began with Onnoghen taking senators through his educational background, his service year at the Lagos Ministry of Justice and career till date.

Then Senators asked him how he would ensure that the common man gets justice in the country and the judiciary fast-track the trial of persons for corruption.

Onnoghen agreed with the Senators that there is corruption in the judiciary, but quickly added that his duty will be to reduce the scourge.

“We are working to stem this and encourage transparency in our dealings,” he said.

The new chief justice of Nigeria also spoke about his plans to ensure that the judiciary reinforces itself as a separate arm of government and remains the last hope of all Nigerians in the dispensation of justice.

As he put it, every Nigerian will not need to see a judge before he gets justice.

“We shall reinforce our independence. I won’t compromise on that”, Onnoghen told the Senators.

Then he dropped a quote meant for all times: “the Judiciary is not the last hope of the common man, but the last hope of every man”.


Posted by Juliet Ekwebelam (NAN)

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