#JusticeForStephen: NMA calls security around LUTH


The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has decried the killing of Dr Stephen Urueye by suspected hoodlums, calling for a total review of security around the hospital and the medical college.

Last Friday, Urueye, a University of Lagos trained medical doctor, was stabbed to death by suspected hoodlums 24 hours after his convocation.

According to Vanguard, the Lagos NMA Chairman, Dr Saliu Oseni said while the body of doctors is still in shock over the death of the young doctor, the Police and the hospital management including the College of Medicine authorities should immediately tackle the age long insecurity around the area.

“The government needs to do more about insecurity in the area because there have been some cases of insecurity around that area for long now which we feel that the hospital authority and the Police Command in the area should have taken care of before now.

“It is not good enough that a surrounding of an hospital is not safe because both the staff and the patients are not safe.

“We probably prefer that there should be a police patrol around there.

“Above all, hospital authorities should review the security around that area and ensure that the hospital is safe for patients and relatives including staff,” the chairman said.

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Oseni also pointed out that there have been several records of theft within the school hostels and the hospital.

“Occasionally, some patients have complained about attacks by hoodlums around that area.

“It is important that the lives of health providers and patients are safe and we think that the government and police force should wake up and make the area safe for all.

“For our member that was killed, it is a big loss to the country and body of doctors particularly around this time we have shortage of medical doctors.

“It is so painful that someone will go through the rigour of medical training and lose his life a day after convocation.

Yetunde Adegoke

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