Mr Bigg’s Revives Operation with Contemporary Restaurants


In a bid to regain its lost relevance and effectively compete in a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market being in operation across the country, the management of Mr Bigg’s, a subsidiary of UAC Restaurants Limited, has commenced an initiative aimed at revamping its restaurants. 

It is understood that after 46 years of being the most sought-after fast food restaurant in Nigeria, Mr Bigg’s is no longer as relevant as it used to be, having struggled to deliver on its ‘pay-off’. The need to get the restaurant to the top spot where it belongs in the market is believed to have informed the decision of its management to revamp its delivery systems.

Speaking on the new initiative, the Marketing Manager of UACN Restaurants, Ethel Mba said Mr Bigg’s was committed to revamping its restaurants into a scintillating go-to restaurant of high-value lifestyle. 

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Mr Bigg’s has pioneered a model restaurant of the new initiative, which promises the sustainability of excellence in a wide variety of dishes, pastries and confectioneries to the delight of its teeming consumers. 

The new initiative restaurant, which was pioneered at VGC, according to Mba, would remain the ‘signature poster’ for all the other restaurants in the new concept, aimed at bringing world-class meal experience for consumers in Nigeria with regards to customer service and restaurant ambience. 

The new initiative is expected to boost Mr Bigg’s market value, and at the same time, enhance the company’s competitive prowess. 

From the late 1970s to early 2000s, Mr Bigg’s was the prominent fast-food chain for every Nigerian, with outlets situated in almost all communities, especially in the South-West. Just like MTN Nigeria, Mr Bigg’s was “everywhere you go.”  

It was a home away from home for most Nigerians, regardless of their social classes, as it offered delicacies that left customers with a delicious experience, but 46 years later, the company is gradually winding up, losing the market it once dominated to the likes of Tasty Fried Chicken, The Place, KFC and some other Nigerian-owned fast-food restaurants. 

Samson Oyedeyi

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