National Conference: AAAN engage Stakeholders, highlights industry contribution to Nation’s Economy


Bunmi Oke

In its bid to prepare itself for effective deliberations and submission in the National Conference, Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria which is one of the 13 proffesional bodies invited for the conference has embarked on stakeholders engagement with other sectorial bodies which include.

In her address the AAAN president who is also representing the association at the conference, Bunmi Oke said that the body engaged stakeholders to have their imput and contributions for the preparation of memorandum and position papers for the conference. This, according to the president would give room for mutual benefits and all inclusive participation to ensure industry positions on issues upheld.

During his presentation at the engagement forum with brand journalists, the association’s head of publicity, Dr. Celey Okogun, maintained that there is a proven link between advertising and economic growth. In his words “There is a positive correlation between the rates of investment in advertising and GDP growth in major markets. For instance, the biggest ad spender are also the leading FDI companies in Nigeria.”

Dr Okogun ascertained that member-agencies roles in national development go beyond offering marketing communications services to the private sectors. It extended to fully engendering proper understanding of government policies and revealing to the public ways by which they could participate, benefit and contribute to the growth of the economy. He buttressed his assertion by saying that N125Billion naira was the advertising spend through the organised private sector in 2013 while the people hired for industry job was around 2,500 in number.

On 2014 advertising business outlook, Dr. Celey declared that politics, telecom and banking would dominate advertising spent, he stressed further that licensing of new Disco Company would increase advertising spend in the energy sector. FMCG and SME would also contribute in their own way to the ad spend.

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