Nigeria launches National Automotive Repository Portal


AgangaThe Nigerian government has launched a National Automotive Repository Portal (NARP) to provide a functional database on all vehicles and facilitate proper tracking and auditing of vehicle in the country.

The minister of industry trade and investment, Dr. Olusegun Aganga while launching the portal said the portal would remain a valuable resource for market intelligence report of critical investment in the industry

 “The system would serve as a database for all vehicles in Nigeria, the NARP is vital, it will serve as a collection of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for all locally assembled and imported cars in the country.The VIN was intended to be a cross-reference portal for all vehicle licensing authorities before the issuance of vehicle licence and number plate and was designed to integrate all stakeholders in Nigeria, to provide them with a national automotive database for all the vehicles in the country” He explained

Speaking on the importance of the NARP, the Director General of Nigeria’s National Automotive Council Mr. Aminu Jalal said the platform would reduce the risk for both consumers and investors in the industry.

“The NARP would serve as effective tool for town planners on infrastructure needs, especially in roads, bridges and parking development” Jalal said

He added that “the portal would also be helpful for petroleum marketers as it would assist them to determine the level of fuel requirement and pattern of allocation nationwide, among others”.

Mr. Jalal explained that the council is carrying out a gap assessment that would help address the challenges local investors face in the automotive industry.

The portal could be accessed via


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