Nigeria will prosper if extreme poverty is flushed out, says Osibajo


The Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osibajo has stated that the country will attain prosperity if concerted efforts are channelled towards addressing extreme poverty and hunger.

In his latest tweet, Osibajo, delivered the 50th convocation lecture of the University of Lagos yesterday, described Nigeria’s prosperity as a decent existence for all.

He said the prosperity can be attained only if the entire citizens of the country are able to address the trio of issues of extreme poverty, productivity and corruption among other critical issues affecting the country.

His tweet reads: ‘Nigeria’s prosperity means a decent existence for all. That prosperity will be attained if we are able to address the issues of extreme poverty, productivity, corruption, the rule of law and the deficiencies in the quality of human resources caused by poor education and healthcare.’

In his convocation lecture, the Vice President explained that ‘the most crucial pillar of government economic policies must be on how to consistently improve the quality of human resources’.



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