Nigerian Internet Group Asks Government For Access Subsidy


By Segun Oniyide

internet_group_ma_largeThe Nigerian Internet Group (NIG) has asked the Nigerian government to subsidise the cost of internet access, which it believes would enhance broadband penetration in Nigeria.

The group is also demanding broadband frequencies should not be restricted in order to prevent challenges posed by monopoly.

Speaking at a news conference in Lagos to announce the forthcoming 2014 Cyber Security Summit in July, NIG president Bayo Banjo said factors slowing down the rate of internet penetration in Nigeria include cost, inaccessibility, speed and devices.

By subsidising internet access, he said the Nigerian government will be boosting internet penetration and addressing the challenges of unemployment in Nigeria.

Banjo also called for intensified efforts to secure Nigeria’s cyberspace from hackers.

“Nigeria is just lucky yet that hackers have not come, there is great need to secure our cyber space to prevent breach of privacy,” he said.
“Africa is one of the most dynamic and fast growing regions in the world today and in many aspects is leading the world in regional development projects that will help to boost intra-Africa trade and drive economic growth even further.”


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