The Nigerians aboard jet that smuggled $9.3 million arms money to South Africa


A private jet that conveyed $9.3 million cash from Nigeria to South Africa for an arms deal between the two countries, had Nigerian crew members, and passengers from Israel and Austria, new documents obtained by PREMIUM TIMES in Johannesburg have shown.

There were three Nigerians aboard the plane, the documents show.

In an investigation that involved visiting South Africa, documents showing details of the transaction, including the flight manifest of the airplane was obtained.

The listing shows that beside Mr. Mesika, the only Nigerians on board the aircraft were crew members.

The other two passengers who conveyed the cash were Austrians, the manifest shows.

The two Austrians are named, R. Wolfgang and M. Michael.

The flight crew members of the Project Eagle Air jet with flight number: N808HE were Ojongbede R.T (captain), Fejoku U, (flight officer) and George E.E (flight attendant).

The listing contradicts reports that the other passengers were Nigerians, a claim that set off an intense controversy after the All Progressives Congress, APC, accused a former militant leader, Dokubo Asari, of being one of those aboard the plane.

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