Nigeria’s Drones are Obsolete” – Israeli Aeronautics Expert



Nigeria’s multibillion naira surveillance drones that could have been used to hunt for the over 200 abducted school girls are reportedly obsolete.

According to reports, the drones, which were purchased from Israel years ago, are currently non-operational due to poor maintenance.

Tsur Dvir, Marketing Officer for Aeronautics Defense Systems, a firm based south of Tel Aviv that supplied Nigeria with Aerostar unmanned aerial vehicles, made this revelation yesterday.

Dvir also stated that ever that since the drones were purchased several years ago, the Nigerian government had not commissioned Aeronautics to perform any routine maintenance. He added that with their extensive flying range and thermal cameras capable of detecting body heat at night, the drones could have helped scour Northern Nigeria for the abducted girls.

“The drones are probably parked in a yard somewhere,” he said.

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