Online video streams revenues projected to worth $149bn by 2026


The global video streaming market remains in rude health with the latest predictions from Allied Market Research estimating it will be worth a $149.34bn globally by 2026, up from just $38.56bn in 2018.

A buoyant market is being driven by a rise in live-streamed content, the emergence of cloud-based video streaming solutions and an embrace of video game streaming – all of which has conspired to propel the market forward.

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Pay-TV continues to command three-fifths of global video streaming revenues in 2018 with this dominance likely to go unchallenged through to 2026 courtesy of rapid broadband adoption across Asia-Pacific.

North America meanwhile accounts for more than half the market share for all global video sharing, a position of dominance it is likely to maintain throughout the forecast period with leading players including the likes of Amazon, Comcast and Hulu.

Striking a cautionary note amid the optimism the report does concede that technological constraints such as bandwidth, latency and reliability will continue to limit the sector’s full potential.

(The Drum)

Yetunde Adegoke

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