PDP – Buhari: Clarify Your Role in Massacre of 300 Igbo Soldiers, Civilians



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaigns Friday asked the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, to clarify his roles in the massacre of over 300 Igbo soldiers and civilians during the thirty months civil war, Thisday reports.

This is as Buhari said that every identifiable property belonging to the Igbos living in the north  were returned to its owners immediately after the civil war as a mark oneness and true reconciliation

Also the PDP Presidential Campaigns said that with the admittance of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of the existence of controversial radio Chanji, that it has been vindicated.

Briefing news men on Friday, the spokesman of the PDP Campaigns, Femi Fani Kayode asked Buhari to answer the following questions which included his roles in the massacre of Igbo soldiers and civilians.

According to Fani Kayode, “What is the true health status of General Buhari? What is the situation concerning his certificate? Does he have it or does he not have it?

“Did he perjure himself and lie under oath when he swore to an affidavit that his certificate was with the military?

“What was his role in the killings on the night of July 29, 1966 when 300 Igbo officers, one Yoruba officer and the former Head of State, General Aguiyi-Ironsi  were killed in a military coup? Was he one of those who killed one or any of those people on that night and was he involved in the butchering of the primarily Igbo army officers?

“What was his role in the terrible and tragic events that took place in parts of northern Nigeria in 1966 when over 100,000 innocent Igbo civilians were slaughtered including women and children? Is it true that he was among those who supplied arms to those who slaughtered these Igbo civilians?

“What was his role in the massacre and genocide that took place in Asaba in 1969 after the Federal forces re-captured the town of Asaba from the Biafran forces and liberated it?”

Buhari spoke while responding to his endorsement by a delegation of Igbos living in the north under the aegis of  Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) and said the only way democracy could help to restore peace in the country was to allow the people to elect who they wanted to lead them.

Speaking on the lessons from country’s chequered history, especially the aftermath of the three year civil war, Buhari said to the best of his knowledge,  the authorities of the civil service  played a commendable role in making sure that  Igbos that survived came back and claimed their property and the savings made from them.

“After the interruption of the civil war, I must admit that the elements of the first republic civil service were good because to the best of my knowledge, where ever Igbos have property in various northern towns , there were committees in the respective towns, the property were repaired, given out for rent, an account opened for them.

After the war, the Igbos that survived came back and claimed their property and the savings made,” he said.

According to Buhari committees were developed with very clear and firm terms of reference and the Igbos property were looked after and that they claimed them back.

The President-General of Igbo Delegates Assembly, Chief Sam Inyama, described Buhari as a man of impeccable character who is needed at this time to restore discipline and order in the affairs of the country.

He urged south easterners to downplay any religious and tribal sentiments in the coming polls and vote Buhari on the 28 of March, adding that  Buhari’s presidency will address the pressing needs of all the regions.

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