Peak Milk introduces N40 powder sachet into the Nigerian market


Peak Milk, a super quality brand that has been nurturing and nourishing generations since 1954 is not only premium but now very accessible.

Peak Milk recently introduced its new N40 Peak Powder Milk formulated to nourish families with essential vitamins and minerals; assuring them of a “Filled” Day.

Peak as a caring brand listens to its consumers, understands their economic struggles; and knows that everybody cannot afford it, and that brought about the introduction of the specially formulated Peak Powder Milk at N40 per sachet.

Peak Powder Milk contains 28 Vitamins and Mineral for stronger bodies and sharper minds. It is rich, creamy, and delicious; and whitens your tea. And guess what? Your PECADOMO recipes just got tastier!

The product is enriched with Vitamin A which supports clear eye sight, Vitamin D3 known to enhance development of bones and teeth, and Vitamin E is known to help keep the skin youthful and healthy.

With the New Peak Powder Milk at N40, more nourishment and vitality is now accessible and affordable. And as consumers continue enjoying Peak, they are assured of performing physically and mentally at their Peak in order to be fit to go about their daily business.

Niyi Durodola, a brand expert says ‘at the epicenter of every major brand is the ability to understand the core consumer needs and how products can be designed to meet such needs.

In the words of Mrs. Nkechi Francis, a retail consumer ‘Peak has always made nourishment assessable to Nigerians. With a little budget, Nigerians can enjoy Peak’s rich vitamins and mineral for stronger bodies and sharper minds’.

Mallam Ibro, a retail shop owner thinks Peak Milk has done well with the introduction of the Peak Powder Milk at N40 category and will definitely attract more patronage.

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