Photos: BlackBerry attempts at comeback with square-screen passport



According to yahoo reports, BlackBerry’s unconventional square-screened smartphone, the Passport, earned mixed reviews at its launch on Wednesday, September 24, as the company’s turnaround push moved into a critical phase in which it must prove its handsets are still desirable.


BlackBerry showed off the new device at events in Toronto, London and Dubai. The smartphone, which has a large touchscreen and a modified version of the company’s well-known keyboard, comes to market as the phones of BlackBerry’s rivals all converge on a tall, rectangular profile. c1b6e840-4411-11e4-b6a7-cfc12e2fe960_2014-09-24T153208Z_125122512_TM3EA9O0VC201_RTRMADP_3_BLACKBERRY-LAUNCH

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