Religious Extremism: Cameron Considers Ban On UK Jihadists Returning Home



The government is considering temporary bans on British-born jihadists in Iraq and Syria from returning to the UK.

The BBC understands UK nationals suspected of being involved in terrorist acts would be allowed to keep their British citizenship.

But they would be prevented from re-entering the UK for a period of time.

David Cameron will set out the government’s plans to counter the threat posed by Islamic State militants in a statement to MPs on Monday.

The prime minister is expected to make it easier to seize the passports of would-be terrorists travelling abroad.

A government source told BBC News: “The government is considering a range of measures to keep the country safe in the face of an increased threat level from Islamist extremism.

“The areas include making it harder for potential foreign fighters to travel abroad by making it easier to remove their passports through additional temporary seizure powers at the border.

“We are also looking at stopping British citizens from re-entering the country if they are suspected of terrorist activity abroad.

“Previously, our range of powers to prevent return to the UK applied only to foreign nationals, dual nationals or naturalised citizens.”

The government source confirmed that “details of the package are being finalised” and would be announced by the prime minister in a Commons statement on Monday.


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