Samsung Launches New ‘Vertical’ TV, Says It Can Be Used in Portrait Mode


As a way of creating new dimensions that deliver classic experiences and satisfactions to its clients, Samsung has manufactured a new television that can also be used vertically, or in portrait mode.

The South Korean electronics giant has announced the new TV as Samsung Sero  and  it is set to go on sale at the end of May in South Korea to start with, but could eventually make its way to other markets.

The Sero is a 43-inch TV that comes with its own stand, and can be rotated to be used in either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode. The TV also has a 4.1-channel speaker system with a 60W sound output, and has smart functionality.

The Samsung Sero TV is being positioned at millennials, or young users who may want to watch vertical content. A vertically positioned TV would appear similar to a smartphone, and would suit a lot of vertical content, such as videos and images captured on smartphones. It could similarly be used for better viewing of social media, such as Instagram and Facebook which are geared for vertical scrolling. Such a product would naturally be a bit too niche, but users will fortunately have the ability to rotate it and use it in landscape mode like a normal TV as well.

Samsung also launched the Serif, and a new version of The Frame TV, as part of a new lifestyle-focused series of TVs. The previous version of The Frame is available in India, and is designed to function as an artwork or picture frame when not used as a TV. All three new TVs will initially only be available in Samsung’s home market of South Korea.


Samson Oyedeyi

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