Scammers Target NCC, Commission Vows To Prosecute Perpetrators


By Segun Oniyide

Scammers target NCC, commission vows to prosecute perpetratorsThe Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has become the latest target of scammers sending SMSs to subscribers asking them to redeem prizes won in a promotion.

According to the commission, unsuspecting subscribers are asked to pay an amount of money before they can receive their prizes.

The NCC said an investigation is currently underway and the perpetrators would be prosecuted and punished. It has also disassociated itself from the fraud saying it was not involved in any kind of promotion.

Reuben Muoka, the NCC’s spokesperson, said the commission has received many complaints from victims of the scam after being asked to log into a fake NCC website and enter their bank details or send recharge cards to redeem their winning prizes.

The NCC hereby announces that it is not engaged in any form of promotion. We disassociate ourselves from any message asking subscribers to redeem any winning prize,” he said.

The public is hereby informed that such messages are not from the NCC and advised to ignore them as they are from fraudsters.”

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