Schwarzenegger: ‘I Won’t Be Back In Office’



Arnold Schwarzenegger says he has no interest in running for office again, which appears to rule out any bid for the White House.

There was speculation last year that the Austrian-born actor could mull trying to change the rules requiring presidential candidates to be American-born.But when asked if he would run for elected office again, the 66-year-old former California governor said he was “not interested in running for anything. I’ve done that”.

The Terminator star said: “Right now I’m back into acting” and that he was committed to his Hollywood comeback, adding he “never wanted to be a career politician”. Schwarzenegger returned to films three years ago and, quoting his famous Terminator catchphrase, he told reporters: “I said ‘I’ll be back’ and I’m back. And that’s what I love to do.”

His films last year, Escape Plan and The Last Stand, were not particularly successful at the box office but he is sticking with acting rather than politics. In his new movie Sabotage he plays the vengeful leader of a drug law enforcement team – possibly his darkest character yet.

Schwarzenegger said: “I don’t remember ever doing any role that was as close to – as dark as this character was.”I mean, in End of Days I think I played a little bit of a dark character but I think this one was by far the darkest and also the most complex character, with hisown faults and his own twisted way of thinking.”

The star was two-time California governor from 2003-2011.

Courtesy: Sky News

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