Tech Blow Nigeria Limited a subsidiary of Sona group Nigeria, recently installed a 3 layer jerry can machine at its factory in Sango axis of Ogun State. Technical Director, Shongai Packaging Industry Limited, Mr. J.  Khatavkar spoke to BRANDPOWER on the unique features of the machine, capacity and benefits that customers stand to derive from jerry cans produced by the 3 layer jerry can machine. Excerpts:16-17 Brands News 1


TECH blow Nigeria invested into the double station, 3 layer jerry can machine for a capacity of 30litre for optimal production preservation of products. The machine is capable of producing 25, 30 and 10litre jerry cans depending on the customer’s need. It can averagely produce around 2,400 jerry cans per machine everyday depending on the temperature as well as the water conditions within the plant. If the conditions are well maintained, production up to 75, 000 jerry cans every month from each machine can be achieved, which is a substantial quantity. Tech Blow has installed two such machines and has added production capacity of 150,000 jerry cans per month.


The advantages of 3 layer include the fact that the inner layer can be produced with the virgin material for transparent/natural colour which provides more brighter and clear look to the product inside the jerry can; especially vegetable oil and lubricants. The outer layer is matched to the colour choice of the customers. The middle layer is the major issue and that is where the cost saving is. We use the recycled plastic material of similar colour so that we give three advantages viz; improved strength, reduced cost and generation of self-employment through the collection of waste plastics. It generates employment for young Nigerians and also saves cost to the customers.

Benefits to Customers…

The strength of the product shows in the process of drop test which it goes through in the course of quality checks. And because of its three layers structure, it is non-porous and does not get damaged during transportation especially around the countryside where we have bad roads. The strength prevents the product from leakage or spill-over. So the machine not only generates earnings to the company but also employment to the people and strength to the product it is used for.


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