Sony reveals details of Next-Gen PlayStation


Sony’s PS4 lead system architect, Mark Cerny has shown off some of the internal components of the next-generation PlayStation – which he is currently not calling PS5.

According to Cerny, the next-generation PlayStation will include a high-spec solid state drive and a GPU capable of supporting ray tracing.

In a meeting with Wired, Cerny explained that the console would definitely not be released in 2019 and demonstrated why this is a true next-generation machine, rather than a PS4 upgrade in the vein of the PS4 Pro.

Cerny explained that the console’s CPU is a variant of the AMD Ryzen third generation, and that its GPU is a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line. The GPU is capable of ray tracing, a high-performance imaging technique with some incredible results.

Cerny also showed off the power of the console’s new solid state drive (SSD) with a practical demo. According to Wired, fast-travelling between locations in Insomniac’s Spider-Man on a PS4 Pro took 15 seconds. Using a next-gen PlayStation devkit, the same action took 0.8 seconds.


Samson Oyedeyi

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