Take a Look at This Beautiful UEFA Champions League Final Match Ball



The official match ball for the UEFA Champions League knockout stages and final has been unveiled in Berlin.

The design, according to CHANNELS,  has been inspired by the dynamic, young and hip scene of Berlin.

The top star includes one of the most recognisable symbols of the city: the Brandenburg Gate set against the legendary Olympiastadion, setting for the 2015 UEFA Champions League final on Saturday, June 6.

The now familiar surrounding stars on the ball each have a bold and colourful design, including another symbol inextricably linked with Berlin: the bear.

The vibrant mix of colour is also typical of the expressive, artistic and free spirited German capital city.

As with all official UEFA Champions League match balls, the Adidas Finale Berlin features an outer coating texture designed to provide optimal grip at the point of impact.

The thermally-bonded star panel design, based on the design of the UEFA Champions League logo, provides a seamless surface and first-class performance.

The Adidas Finale Berlin ball will be used for all UEFA Champions League matches from now on this season.

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