The Nigerian born singer made this known while granting an interview with Sway Universe and according to him, the notion been spread around by African leaders that homosexuality doesn’t happen in Africa are all lies.

Jidenna said:

You hear these African leaders who are dressed in three-piece suits, got an iPhone, speaking in English and not their native tongue are saying, ‘it’s unafrican to be homosexual, it’s unafrican… we don’t have it. That was brought as a European import.’ It’s not true. It’s not true at all.

You got Uganda, the kingdom of Buganda at the time… Before Uganda, there was an openly gay king. If you go to Zimbabwe… the bushmen as they call them, you’ll see homosexual acts in the Cape paintings. If you go to different communities in Africa, there were different rights of passage where if a woman was with a woman, or a man was with a man, they were thought to be more powerful. There was never a time where this didn’t exist.

Jidenna’s latest comments about this Homosexual, which is a sensitive topic in the African continent, will certainly will a lot of conversation.

Recently, Jidenna, in an interview on The Breakfast Club, made another controversial statement concerning the issue of Nigerians tagged as scammers. In his justification, Jidenna said :

The reason why Nigerians are known for scamming is not because we are bad people but because we are smarter than a lot of people. So, as criminals, we gonna be the best at it and so, we will be the best at hacking and everything we do

The ‘Classic Man’ crooner was further asked if he had scammed anyone before to which he replied, “No, I have not scammed anyone before.”

Jidenna went further to explain one of the things he did and which might be seen or perceived as a scam.

I did some things, I used to sell chains from China town. I get it for cheap because, in the hood, I know all the latest jewelry and then I get the cheap ones and I take it to downtown Boston to sell to white boys. That was a scam.

Jidenna became big after the release of his hit single, ‘Classic Man’.